Why Do Kids Love Stories?

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Why Do Kids Love Stories? 1

We grew up listening to thousands of stories from our parents, grandparents, friends, etc. In fact, storytelling dates back to the beginning of human civilization. Although stories are loved by people of all age groups, kids are the most fascinated by them.

Tales enchant the readers and listeners. Through stories, people share their beliefs, culture, tradition, morals, and a lot more. Stories for kids are mostly didactic. They teach good values and manners to children. There are multiple reasons why kids admire stories. Be it listening to stories or reading stories Here are a few of them:

1.   Bonding with elders

Storytelling creates a great connection between the listener and the speaker. When it comes to children, generally the speakers are their elders. Story-time is a quality time spent with the family. Through listening to interesting tales, children feel a stronger association with their elders. Sitting quietly and hearing the amazing tales, they get excited, nervous, sad or happy with the flow.

2.   Kind of Characters

The wide variety of characters in stories lets children understand the behaviour that is considered good and otherwise. These characters showcase how different people tackle a difficult situation and what is the best way to overcome it. Through these characters, young minds also develop a mindset about who they want to be like when they grow up.

3.   A Different World

Each story introduces kids to a completely distinctive world. A world that is way diverse than the world they exist in. Tales on fairies put children in a fancy world where creatures with magical powers reside. Stories of kings and queens offer them a glimpse into the valorous world. They get fascinated by the pleasing, heroic and fantastic elements of the stories.

4.   Colourful Illustrations

Books and printables with children stories come along with a very vivid and colourful appearance. This enchants the little readers and makes them more habituated to reading.

Reading stories prove to be highly beneficial. It increases vocabulary as well as writing prowess. Stories take us to entirely new and different worlds. From real instances to fancy worlds- stories have every kind of plot. They make us feel various kinds of emotions through their characters and plots- laughter, sadness, empathy, etc.

Stories are a way to connect with each other. Several times, a great interaction among people starts with a story and then others keep on adding tales one after the other. In our section dedicated to kids learning, we offer multiple genres of stories. Tales from the Panchatantra, moral stories, bedtime stories, fairy tales stories, Akbar-Birbal tales, and many others. You can get the collection of best stories of all times from all these genres on our website. Visit BYJU’S now and find a one-stop solution for everything you need to assist your kids in excelling in their studies.

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