WordPress Portfolio Plugins – Developer’s Guide

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Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

With WordPress, creating your dream portfolio site will not be that difficult. WordPress is a very friendly platform, and most plugins also include extensive documentation to help you walk through any difficult steps. To impress potential clients to really show your work, then you want a professional WordPress website portfolio plugin behind you.

What are WordPress Portfolio Plugins?

WordPress Portfolio Plugins help you easily present your creative works in the best light. Therefore, if you are looking for a graphic designer theme, a photographer, videographer, or any other type of visual-oriented creative theme, a portfolio plugin will help you keep your best foot forward. It easily creates one-of-one-kind displays. Trying to do this yourself will get some great skill. But, with a plugin, you can do it in a few hours.

Depending on the portfolio plugin you choose, you have different types of features and layouts to choose from. Most portfolio plugins exist to help you meet the same goal – display your creative work in a beautiful and enticing way.

Benefits of using WordPress Portfolio plugins?

Any creative who is looking for a unique way to present their work can benefit from a portfolio plugin. While visually-oriented creators will probably get the most from a WordPress portfolio plugin, even a freelance writer can use a portfolio plugin to show off their last writing clip.

If you are building a portfolio website to help keep more customers hired, then a portfolio plugin is a no-brainer. Just upload your photos without any style to a basic WordPress site page, this will not have much effect – and customers will not be affected. They are very easy as well to use.

WordPress Portfolio Plugin vs WordPress Portfolio Theme

One of the main reasons is the concern that every element of WordPress is considered. Generally, the WordPress portfolio theme should handle visually oriented elements of your site, while plugins exist to add more features to your site.

Adding a portfolio to your site comes under the functionality section, so you usually want to handle it with the WordPress portfolio plugin, may refer WordPress help.

If you take the plugin approach, you will not only have to gain more control over the final format of your portfolio page but if you ever want to switch the theme, you can bring this data with you.

List of 5 Best Portfolio Plugins




Nimble Portfolio Nimble3 10,000+
Easy Portfolio Tushar Patel 1,000+
Envira Portfolio Envira Gallery Team 100,000+
Go Portfolio Go Portfolio Team 10,000+
Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin Theme Punch 10,000+

Top 5 Best Portfolio WordPress Plugins

  1. Nimble Portfolio: Nimble Portfolio is a feature-packed portfolio plugin which is completely free. With this plugin, you can create a wide range of different types of portfolio. For example, you can build galleries full of posts, pages, pictures, videos, and even WooCommerce products.

Nimble Portfolio

Each element of your portfolio is displayed in an attractive circular thumbnail. Once your users click on a certain element of your portfolio, it will pop up in the lightbox.

There is also an underlying filtering feature that lets your users sort your portfolio based on the type of media they want to see. Plus, your portfolio will look good on any screen size because the plugin automatically creates responsive portfolio pages.

  1. Easy Portfolio: If you are looking for an easy to use the plugin, then the easy portfolio can be the right plugin for your needs. It’s exactly the same as it seems, using a very easy plugin that can help you create an interactive slider.

WordPress Portfolio Plugins

If you are not comfortable in changing a bunch of plugin settings, or just want a simple portfolio, then consider this WordPress portfolio plugin.

It is very easy to use. Once you’ve installed the plugin, just add whatever content you want, describe your images or projects and click Save. Then, you will be given a shortcut that you will copy and paste on any page on your site.

  1. Envira Portfolio: Envira Gallery is available as a free and premium gallery plugin. But, it does a lot more than uploading your photos. This plugin is incredibly easy to use and in a few minutes, you can leave it with a beautiful portfolio.

Envira Portfolio Plugin

It is equipped with dark and drops customization, pre-designed design and layout to match your existing design, and it’s super fast. The last thing you want is a slow loading portfolio plugin that affects the rest of your site.

Once you have installed this portfolio plugin, you will be surprised at the selection of responsive, retina-ready designs and layouts.

  1. Go Portfolio: Go Portfolio is a feature-rich WordPress portfolio plugin. This is a premium plugin and there is no free version available, so if you are on a budget, then you want to choose another plugin in this list. From the box, you have four different styles that you can choose from. Each of these has its own unique look with different thumbnail sizes, overlays, and built-in effects. It makes it easy to start adding a portfolio WordPress theme to your site without having to adjust a bunch of additional settings.

Go Portfolio

In addition to choosing your portfolio style, you will have access to many different customization elements such as color choices, font styles and shapes, and adding filtering options.

  1. Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin: Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin is an All-In-One Portfolio Builder. It really shines in its flexibility and versatility. If you are not sure how you want to configure your portfolio page, then this plugin can be incredibly useful.

Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

It is equipped with 30 different skins that you can use to create a unique portfolio. Apart from this, its own drag and drop builder that allows you to create your own portfolio, which gives your portfolio a kind of look.


An online portfolio plugin for WordPress can be a great way to display your creative work in a great way. Hopefully, you have a better idea of why you want to use the portfolio plugin, along with some best recommendations to help you get started.

The way you display your creative work, it is almost as important as the task. There is no excuse for having a lack portfolio with the sheer amount of available WordPress portfolio plugins.

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