Head On a Journey To Golden Triangle India With Pushkar Fair Tour

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Golden Triangle India With Pushkar Fair Tour

The  India golden triangle tour Along with Pushkar Fair Tour represents a journey which shows wholeness in itself. The journey connects the present to the past as this tour starts from modern Delhi. Along with that, it covers history in the form of Taj Mahal, forts of Jaipur and traditional culture of Pushkar Fair Tour Rajasthan. The Pushkar city is largely known for its camel fair. This is considered as the biggest camel fair in the world.

People throughout the world conduct Rajasthan Pushkar Fair Tour annually and feel the energy of the fair. The attire of local people makes it more vibrant and the city is famous for showing significance to every guest. You might have heard that Rajasthan is the state known for extreme hospitality. They consider visitors like their god.

The Golden Triangle tour India gets completed with the addition of Pushkar Fair. The tour covers four major cities such as Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Pushkar, etc. Every city has something unique to offer. The golden triangle India is named after the geographical positions of the cities on the map. It appears like a triangle

Get Along The Auspiciousness Of Indian Golden Triangle Tour

The passion for traveling is moving up day by day. Travelling is what which makes us limitless. It not just broaden our world but also soothe our box of happy memories. The India Golden triangle tour merged with Pushkar Fair Tour is like an astonishing journey for many travelers.

These four cities show valuable heritage sites along with the glorious history of India. These appealing destination of Golden triangle tour India attracts a crowd of visitors every month. This offers the tourist a bite of vast histories such as period, Rajput hospitality and modern India.

Rajasthan Pushkar Fair tour is mostly conducted in the month of November. To see the complete beauty of India it is necessary to plan your trip around fair dates. Mostly travelers require 8 to 9 days to get complete auspiciousness of the fair along with Golden Triangle India.

What Special Golden Triangle India And Pushkar Fair Tour Offers?

The India Golden Triangle Tour basically covers the most authentic cities of India.On the other hand, the Pushkar fair tour covers the never experienced colors of Pushkar camel fair.Spots to be covered in these cities are


The capital city of India known for its energetic and vibrant culture. This is the first destination of Golden Triangle India where you will cover the modern world and rich history. Famous spots in Delhi are Humayun tomb, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Old Delhi hustle bustles and many more destinations. The list is never-ending.


Agra is a city based in Uttar Pradesh and known for the astonishing beauty of Tajmahal. This is the next destination of Golden Triangle Tour India. Taj Mahal is also listed in 7 wonders of the world and in UNESCO world heritage sites. This is the reason it attracts huge crowd throughout the year. Apart from it, the journey of Golden triangle India covers agra fort Fatehpur Sikri and other tombs.


The last destination of golden triangle tour is “Pink city”. This city is known for traditional jewelry shopping, rich cultural heritage, forts, and monuments. Jaipur is also situated in Rajasthan as Pushkar where Pushkar Fair Tour is conducted.


Pushkar is a city in Rajasthan. This is well known for its camel fair. The Pushkar fair tour Rajasthan is what makes the journey interesting.Camel owners from nearby places gather in Pushkar city for trading purpose. Camels are well decorated for the Pushkar Fair. Travelers get a strong glimpse and true values of the fair through Rajasthan Pushkar Fair tour. This is concluded to be the once in a lifetime experience.


To get the complete piece of joy plan your trip in advance.Take the help of a travel agent which are specialized in this kind of tour. Get ready for a happy time with your loved ones.

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