5 Ways To Determine If An Online Employee Time Clock is Right For Your Business

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Employee Time Clock

Owning a business is incredibly challenging, and there are so many things you have to do to keep it running. When you’re in the building, you have to make sure inventory is up-to-date, shipments are scheduled, and ensure sure everything is excellent for customers. When you’re not there, you may be scheduling, doing payroll, and more of the business side of things no one sees. It is a lot of tasks, and you may limit some of this stress by using an online employee time clock.

The benefits of using this program can lead to massive changes within your company and can even help boost profits. If you’re not entirely convinced that this software can be a beneficial tool for you and your employees, then here is a list of the top five ways to determine if switching to an online employee time clock is right for your business.

How To Determine If This System Is Right For You

1. Are you struggling to manage payroll?

Managing payroll can be incredibly hard to do; this is especially true if you’re doing it manually. You have to calculate work hours and withhold the proper amount of taxes, or your employees could owe massively at the end of the year. This can be a lot of pressure, and if you do not do it right, it will make your team unhappy. On top of that, if you send the paycheck wrong, it can significantly impact their livelihood.

An online timecard system takes care of all of that for you. It automatically calculates work hours, determines if overtime or double time was incurred, and allows you to sync with your payroll provider. All you need to do is double-check to ensure everything looks correct before processing payroll. 

2. Do you think employees are stealing company time?

If you’re manually tracking time or using an outdated system, it’s easy for employees to commit time theft, whether intentionally or not. You may have your suspicions that employees are stealing time but aren’t able to prove it. This is where an online employee time clock can help.

Most modern online time clock software comes equipped with features that help deter, if not wholly, eliminate time theft occurrences. Facial recognition, for example, allows the system to verify an employee’s identity before allowing them to punch time. Such a feature will enable you to ensure that employees are only punching time for themselves. The software can also notify you if an employee punches in early or out late and allows you to address these issues before they spiral out of control.

3. Are you having difficulty adhering to labor laws?

Labor laws help you, and your employees stay protected, and you have to follow them at all times. You may have run into trouble before, and that is not good for your business finances or reputation. As a business owner or manager, you must accurately track employee work hours and pay them for each minute spent on the clock.

With clock in and out software, you’re able to accurately track employee work hours no matter where they’re working or when. You can check to ensure they took the proper breaks or punched in/out according to their predetermined work hours. You can store employee data for years and can easily access that data in the event of an audit.

4. Is employee morale suffering?

Often, team morale will affect how successful your business is. If your team is unhappy, it will reflect across the entire company. One way to help with team morale is by giving them more control over their time tracking process.

An online employee time clock is a flexible solution that enables your employees to punch time from the device of their choosing. They can request time off as needed and enter their preferred working hours. By allowing for more autonomy when it comes to time tracking, employees will feel as though they have more control over their work-life, leading to improved workplace morale.

5. Do you micromanage your employees?

No one likes having to micromanage other people. Not only is it frustrating having someone constantly looking over your shoulder, but it sends a message to your employees that you don’t trust them.

With online timesheet software, you no longer have to hover over your employees to ensure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be. Instead, you can set this system up to do all the heavy lifting for you. It can notify employees of their work hours, when it’s break time if time off was approved, and even when it’s time to submit their time card for payroll.

If you have been trying to decide whether or not to switch to an online employee time clock, start asking yourself these five questions. They can be a great way to determine if the current time tracking process or solution you’re using isn’t quite meeting your needs and take action to find a more suitable tool.

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