Can We Transfer Money From Paytm To The Steam Wallet?

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Steam Wallet is one of the most used payment methods when it comes to buying any game on Steam or within a game that supports Steam transactions. Sometimes it happens that while purchasing the game your Steam Wallet balance gets out. In such a situation, you can add money to the steam wallet from your Paytm wallet. Here in this article, we have given the detailed procedure through which you can add funds to your Steam Wallet and purchase your favorite games online.
Can We Transfer Money From Paytm To The Steam Wallet? 3

How to transfer money from Paytm to Steam Wallet?

  • First of all log on to your Steam Account
  • Now hit on the Account Details option available
  • After the above process is completed, now it is essential for you to follow “+Add funds to your Steam Wallet”
  • Enter the amount you want to add in your Steam wallet
  • After entering the amount, you need to choose the mode through which you want to add the money
  • Choose Paytm Wallet as the creditor account
  • Before adding up the amount must ensure that your Paytm Wallet have enough balance
  • Now you need to hit on the Add Funds tab
  • Thereafter a drop down list will appear in front of you
  • Choose Prepaid Wallet (Domestic) option and then hit on Continue tab
  • Enter the details asked on the next window and then enter the phone number
  • Remember the phone number you are adding up must be linked to your Paytm account otherwise, no transaction will be completed
  • Once you enter a pop-up message showing that an OTP has been sent to your registered mobile number
  • Check your phone and then check the message box
  • Note down the OTP
  • Enter the OTP and then hit on Continue transaction option
  • Within seconds your money will be added to your Stream Wallet through PayTM wallet
  • Now you can happily enjoy the buying and gaming experience.

How do I check my Steam Wallet balance?

  • First of all log on to your Steam account by entering the Log In account and password
  • Once you enter, hit on the account option.
  • The current balance will get displayed in front of you
  • Check the current balance.
  • Your current balance will also be listed under your profile name given at the right top corner of the page.

I have added money to the steam wallet but it is not appearing, what to do?

Sometimes it happens that even after adding up the amount, the sum does not get displayed in your Steam Wallet. Well, this is not a situation for which you have to panic. Sometimes, the amount gets added to the wallet after 02 hours of the transaction. Of its more than 02 hours and your money has not been added then the steps you need to follow are:
  • First of all visit the email account
  • Now check your mail inbox for the Steam purchase receipt
  • The Steam purchase receipt confirms the completion of the steam purchase
  • If you are not getting any message in your primary mail then check the updates section.
  • While checking the mail, must ensure that you have entered the same account details while doing the transaction
  • The account getting transacted will be shown on the emailed receipt
  • Thereafter Restart the Steam Client
  • Your amount will get updated
  • If still, you did not get the amount them you must contact the Steam Support for assistance

How to Buy Games Using Steam Wallet Fund?

  • If you want to buy any game from Steam then you need to hit on the Buy Tab first
  • Thereafter you need to hit on the continue tab that will allow the steam authorities to deduct the money from your Steam wallet
  • If your steam wallet has the amount available then it will be deducted otherwise you need to add money to your Steam Wallet.

Through this procedure, you can easily buy games by using the Steam Wallet fund. If you do not have enough amounts in your Steam wallet then you may add the money to it. The simple instructions to add money to the Steam wallet are given in this article. You are suggested to go through this whole article to get updated properly.

What kinds of currency will my Steam Wallet funds usually contains?

The Steam wallet balance will depend upon your Steam Account. Yes, in the event that you have never had a Steam Wallet balance on your Steam account, the assets will be included the cash of the Steam store. If you have a current Steam Wallet (paying little respect to the present equalization) the assets will be included your Steam Wallet’s present money.

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