Do What You Love

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Do What You Love

Yes, the above line is very true as until or unless you start loving yourself you can’t achieve your goals. You must have to love the thing you are doing. Once you start loving your work you will never feel tired or exhausted or irritated.  You will never say no to give extra time to work. As an employee, you must know that what is important for your company and what is not. If you are true towards your work then God will always be on your side and he will let you achieve your goals. Many MOTIVATIONAL STORIES FOR EMPLOYEES are there on the internet which can boost your moral and your enthusiasm but the truth is that it cannot do your work. You should do it by ownself. When a single employee does a wrong thing or betrays his company at that time not only that companies suffer but also many of the employees of that company suffers financially and the same when a company behave wrongly with the person or fire them for no reason at that time not only the employees of company but the whole family which is dependent on that single person suffer. Hence it is a matter of mutual understanding. We can say it is a matter of give-and-take.

Here is the example of a renowned personality whose journey is itself an INSPIRATIONAL SHORT STORIES ABOUT LIFE and can inspire many people all around the world. The person is none other than “Steve Jobs”. The person who started the company “Apple” with one of his friends at the age of 20 and the company was started in a garage. No one can ever believe that the company which is having millions of employees from all around the world had been started from a small garage room. Yes, this is the uniqueness of success that it never comes to the one who shows it money instead it comes to the one who shows it’s talent and determination. But unfortunately, after many years Steve Jobs was fired from his own company yes this sounds odd but you can research it on the internet.

But the fact is Steve Jobs never gave up and he built two new companies “Next” and “Pixar”. His determination for work and his thinking of doing what he loves take him on the stage where he is right now.

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Your life is in your hand and you are the one who makes it or ruins it. If you want to make it then don’t rest till death. Always enrol yourself in one thing or the other and live life as it will never come again yes it is true who knows it will come again or not. When you have a small bite of your favourite food you try to eat it slowly-slowly and you try to get its flavour to the fullest. Same with the life it will come again or not we don’t know so live to the fullest and utilize it efficiently. You don’t know what will happen at the next stage of life, will you be able to work or not so instead of regretting just do something.

Hence we can conclude that if a person wants to achieve anything, he or she must be willing to do hard work along with smart work and determination to get it and as it is said that there is no shortcut to success and it is very true. So don’t wait just get up and do whatever possible thing you can do to achieve your dreams and goals. You are the only one who is responsible for whatever happens in your life.

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