Family Mediation- Accept it to Resolve the Conflict

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Family Mediation- Accept it to Resolve the Conflict

Gone are the days when people used to live in the same family despite conflicts. Today, the scenario has been completely changed. As we are living in modern society and there are several times when a family member thinks to leave the family because of conflicts. Do you know that this decision can have a negative impact on people’s life? Every family member has a stronger relationship with other family members and every person’s story is completely different. If a certain thing can be wrong from your side, the same thing can be right from another person’s side. Do you know, the majority of conflicts occurs due to misunderstanding and when the family talks on the same, the misunderstanding increases and results in bigger conflicts. Now, it is very clear that the family needs someone who can facilitate communication among the family members. The person is known as a family mediator.

Most of the conflicts occur when the person feels disrespected, dismissed, dis-valued and disenfranchised. This can only be resolved by the family mediator through the family mediation process.

While retaining control of the situation and life, each and every family member can have and put their voice. Some people make a mistake of confusing mediation with the litigation. Litigation is a completely different process. In litigation, a judge and attorney are involved and the decisive power is with the judge or judiciary. In mediation, only a mediator is involved but the final decision is still with the family only. In the courtroom, there is a completely emotional atmosphere and the people cannot even talk to each other if they want to resolve the case.

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Mediation is the process, which can be so powerful, but if it is not handled properly, it can cause lifetime emotional injuries to the family. As a mediator plays a vital time in resolving the conflict, so he/she should be selected properly. If handled properly, it can have extremely positive results. In litigation, both the parties are kept separate and then the decision is made. In mediation, both the parties are kept in the same team and decision is made which favours both the parties. The family mediators Wiltshire encourages both the parties to keep their feelings forth and the complete focus is to increase the productivity for both the parties.

Mediation helps in bringing both the parties closer to each other, so that conflicts can be resolved easily. Unlike litigation, mediation is the emotional environment which helps the family to resolve their conflicts other and then. When both the parties agree on a mutually beneficial decision and both the parties sign on the dotted line, the process of mediation gets completed.

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