How Ayurveda can help to combat issues of cold and cough

How Ayurveda can help to combat issues of cold and cough

Cold or cough arises due to infections, bronchitis or exposure to dust. Tulsi & Honey Ayurvedic cough syrub could provide relief to a considerable extent. To deal with cold and cough Ayurveda not only stresses on the use of medications. It is also of the opinion that certain dietary and lifestyle changes needs to be incorporated into your regime. Cough denotes a medical condition, where human body removes the foreign substances from the respiratory airways. But if someone coughs for a long period of time it can lead to soreness in voice and wheezing. When it is chronic cough acnes and fatigue in your joints are experienced.

Let us now explore a series of home remedies that a person can try at home in order to get rid of cold and cough

Home remedies

To get relief from cough or cold Ayurveda will point to the kitchen. Along with medications kitchen products can be of considerable help. To treat cold and cough ginger is an effective home remedy. It helps to remove mucus. To opt for this remedy an individual can prepare fresh ginger juice and then add to it honey, tulsi leaves and turmeric with a tinge of black pepper powder. Mix all of them together. If you are looking to use it multiple times incorporate the components in the same manner and keep it in the fridge. You can consume this mixture in the denotations of 1 to ½ times a day and with children it is 3 times a day. This poses to be an excellent remedy to get rid of cold and cough without any side effects.


To warm water mixes a teaspoon of salt. You need to gargle a couple of times during the day. Chewing cardamom leaves, cloves and tulsi and honey herbal cough syrup helps to combat issues of cold and cough. In addition you can consume black raisins with black pepper powder and a pinch of rock salt. You need to dry roast and consume it 3 times a day. Plan out for this remedy for close to 15 days.

Diet changes

Increase your intake of pulses along with grains. A combination of both of them will enable you to cash in on the goodness of the pulses. A combination of both of them can provide the essential nutrients helping on the digestion front. Do not opt for processed flour and wheat. With red meat you can consume them a couple of times in a week. Keep away from dairy milk and opt for soy milk.

Lifestyle changes

Keep away from smoking. You can damage your lungs if you smoke leading to possibility of cancer. The moment you suffer from chronic cough or cold you can always get in touch with a doctor. When you are driving use a mask as it keeps away pollution.

Still if you have any major concerns you can always get in touch with an expert and they are going to answer all your questions.

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