How to ace your event PR strategy?

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How to ace your event PR strategy? 1

Public relations are of vital importance to successful event promotion. With the use of PR, you can portray your business to people as you deem suitable. When you are organizing a corporate or consumer event, it is your chance to reflect the professional and presentable side of your business to the masses.

This article provides you a stepwise guide to building a successful PR strategy for your nextevent.

Five steps to success in Event PR

Events are nothing if promoted well. PR is a tool to achieve your promotional goals. If you are arranging your event in a hustling market like that of the UAE, you are in for a very tough competition. So instead of taking all the burden of event management on your in house team, go for a professional service. You can easily get in touch with one of the best Event Companies in Dubai for assistance in implementing effective PR tactics.

Following is your way towards success in event promotion with the help of PR:

1.     Organize your PR media research

The main purpose behind promoting an event and indulging in PR is to increase the levels of expected ROI. Now, you need to find out the kind of press your event needs to keep in the loop for appropriate coverage.

Find out the publications which you can benefit from and target only those for your event PR. You need to find out the writers, editors along with the press sections, which can benefit you the most.Make sure you get the list of contact information of all those people and keep the list organized.

2.     Use online tools

Nowadays, it has gotten easier to shareinformation with people because of social media platforms their deep penetration in the lives of a common man. Createa Facebook event. Indulge in Facebook Ads. Look for an online ticketing site.

You can make use of multiple Instagram features for a full-fledge PR campaign. Especially if your major point of focus is the young audiences, this platform alone can help you create a good enough hype of your event. Instagram stories, IGTV as well as posts, together make for a perfect social media presence.

3.     Make use of Online Event calendars

In this age of the internet, you have an online tool available for anything you can think of. For event PR goals, you may make use of such a tool. There are many online event calendars available on the internet. Some online platforms require you to fill in a form with only a few simple fields.

You have to put in the information related to your list of events, and the tool will put it out there on the internet for you. All of this requires to carry out one job with great care, i.e., identification of your target audience, what your target audience needs, and where they get their desired content.

4.     Leverage headliners’ influence

Whenever you are conducting an event that has a PR element to it, you need to prop your guest list up. A number of well-recognized guests will make your event look good in the eyes of the masses. If you have invited a celebrity as a keynote speaker, your event PR will boost by itself.

When you have a few known names in your event lineup, you can use make good use of the headline-worthy names for promoting your event. Besides that, you can take the opportunity of your event to let a bunch of talented people perform. Even if those powerhouses of talent or publications that cover your event aren’t very renowned, they can help boost the PR value of your event.

  1. Indulge in pre-event PR

Public relations tactics are the most impactful when employed well before the event day arrives. This gives you a chance toharness the power of influence that PR agencies and influencers hold over the general public.

You can offer private consultation or exclusive interviews in order for your event to build your brand’s recognition. With pre-event PR activities, you make people aware of the orientation of your event.

Want to use PR for the success of your event?

You can find many event planning service providers which cover all aspect of event organization. Those aspects may include venue sourcing, PR and incentives, and rewards. If you want such a service, you need to hire a reputable professional.

If you are in the UAE, your competition is tough owing to the hustling nature of the market. But the good news is, planning professionals are also abounding to help overcome this tough competition. You can easily get in touch with one of the Event companies in Dubai to ensure the success of your event.

Choose only the best professionals who offer excellent PR services as part of event planning services.

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