Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Trampoline

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Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Trampoline 1

Trampolines are fun and exciting. Your children would love to have them. There are also benefits to jumping on a trampoline. It helps increase muscle strength and heart rate. Therefore, children don’t only enjoy jumping, but they also stay fit. However, there can be risks in playing on a trampoline. Children might get injured by falling off the trampoline. Consider these safety tips when you decide to buy a trampoline.

Trampolines aren’t for everyone 

While it’s fun to jump on a trampoline, it’s not appropriate for all age groups. Toddlers and small children should never use a trampoline. They will have a greater risk of getting injured because of their size. Children aged six and above can jump on a trampoline, but you have to be there. They might not yet have full control of their muscles. 

Be there at first

If it’s your children’s first time using a trampoline, you have to stay close. It takes time to adjust. Some of them will easily fall off because they can’t balance their bodies. Maintain close supervision to prevent injuries. Eventually, you will start feeling more confident that your children can stay safe without you.

Use a net

Look for stores that don’t only sell trampolines, but also the net surrounding them. It serves as a barrier that prevents children from falling off and hitting the ground. You can check out House of Play for quality trampoline package options. The company doesn’t only sell trampolines but also builds trampoline parks. It takes the game to the next level.

Cover the frames and hooks

You might think that the only risk of using the trampoline is when children fall off. The truth is that they might also get injured because of the hooks and frames. You have to cover them with protective pads. Check every corner and make sure that nothing sharp stands out. Don’t forget to check the springs and bolts before using the trampoline. Tighten them if necessary.

Remove everything underneath

There should be nothing underneath the trampoline. Remove the objects that might hurt your children. There are instances when you end up buying trampolines of poor quality. After a while, they might get ripped. If there are items below, your children might get hurt. Make sure there’s nothing underneath. Also, you can’t trust a store that doesn’t sell high-quality trampolines.

Set rules

If you have a full-sized trampoline, your children might want to use it at the same time. While it’s possible, they might fail to control themselves. They might end up bumping into each other and getting hurt. Therefore, you need to set rules so only one child will play at a time. You can also set a time limit. 

With these tips, you will feel more confident in letting your children play with a trampoline. If you find some problems with the trampoline, they should stop using it. Wait until you get the problem fixed before allowing your children to use it again.

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