Tips you should know before travelling to India

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Tips you should know before travelling to India 1

With the advent of luxurious travelling facilities at your door step, it has become very comfortable to proceed with visiting some place or country in akin to have vacation pleasures, business trips, or may be just for volunteerism.  But in most of cases, we neglect basic things to have such trips in Toto, for a tour without risks and sudden unforeseen incidents.

So it is apprised to all of you, in the light of previous hardships encountered by the visitors who travelled to India, that before commencing your preparations for the visit of India, you must abide by the 3P rule; Proactive, Prepared and Protected, whatever you cherish to visit India either for business or merely for recreation.

Millions of people visit India each year from all over the world. They often take a lot of stuff with them and often face issues of extra luggage. In order to prevent such issues, you will need to book a courier to India service in advance which will carry your luggage to India before you travel there. This has helped several travellers, and we’re sure it will help you too.

In a bid to have your secure and free of tension trip, some direly needed guide associated with travelling and visiting various places of India are briefly given as per seriatim.

  • Try to be Proactive

It is best to keep your temper cool and restricted while traveling in India as it is the country of many religions, castes and creeds.  Obviously the people residing there would be of various temperaments, so you should be very careful while discussing things with someone or during shopping.

  • Knowledge about Your Destination

Before taking your step towards your destination plan, it is necessary you must have thorough information about the area. It is best to have detailed maps of each location you wish to visit and make necessary arrangements in accordance with that.

  • Travellers with Chronic Illness

Never make negligence towards your health before, during and after travelling. This will certainly keep you in good health and avoids your plans from rusting.

  • Asses and Monitor your Health Status

Before well in time, it is good to have your thorough medical check-up from a well reputed clinical laboratory not only before starting your journey to India but also when you come back home, have all the tests once again.  In this way, you can prevent yourself from contiguous and other serious viral diseases

  • Pack Smart

Take only with yourself the desired things which you need during visit.  Taking unnecessary things with you will increase your travelling luggage and will also be a source of inconvenience.

Be wise to make a complete list of articles you intend to take with you.  Keep checking your list again and again, and revise it.

  • Health Plan

It must be given due weight age as with weakness and having some ailment during the trip, a lot of trouble can come across making your visit troublesome.  If you are a diabetic patient, keep your medicines and gluco meter with you and also plan for your food.  And in case of a cardiovascular disease, make sure you have all necessary preventive medicines in case of some heart attack.  In the same way, pregnant women should adopt all necessary measures by consulting their family doctor.

  • How to Tackle a Sudden Ailment or Injury?

As mentioned earlier that make a health plan before departing for India but for precautionary measures, get ready for some sudden injury or disease.  In this regard, you must have necessary knowledge about the clinics or medical facilities available in the proximity of your visit so that you can have in time medical facility.

  • Share Trip Plan With Relevant Persons

Seek guidance from all the persons who have visited India earlier so that you could rectify and improve your plan in a better way by incorporating all necessary details.  It is well said that you should even get the opinions of walls which mean that you should never have any hesitation for seeking instant advice from related persons.

  • Abide by Traffic Rules

Get all the information about the traffic rules existing in the country of your visit i.e. to make your journey comfortable and free from any impolite incident.

  • Know about the Traditional Values of India

As depicted earlier that India is a mixture of varied castes and religions, so be aware of the local values of your area of interest. Keep yourself vigilant about the dress worn by the locals of the area. That is why it is well said do as the Romans do.

  • Climate and Weather forecasting

Climate of the area is a static factor as compared to weather as weather goes on to change with the passage of seasons.  But, if you intend to visit hilly areas of the Himalayan Mountains, there may be an entirely different weather and a bit of cold weather will welcome you. So, keep warm clothes and leather jackets with you to bear this change of weather

  • Disabled traveller or his Associates

If you are having some disability or your companion is doing so, streamline your plan well in time about how to proceed further in this context like from where your will get wheel chairs and other such supporting aids, and also ensure that you never plan to visit gushy places or uneven terrains or even more congested locations where there is rush.

  • Travellers with weak Immune System

Your immune system is best to fly high to your destination but weak immune persons should take a great care always in formulating plans of traveling.

  • Water Safety

Make sure to use mineral water while in India as there is also an issue of infected water and if you happen to use tap water or even in hilly areas, drink spring water, you may have infection of gastric problem.

  • Food poisoning

Never ever compromise on this as open foods are contaminated and will disturb your stomach.

  • Routine Vaccines

Get necessary vaccines before going ahead and even when you come back again, get yourself checked from the doctor for proper medication and vaccination.

  • Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are respected everywhere and in India too, and there are special counters and such facilities. So, you must have proper information about it.

  • Posters and Info boards

Pay full attention towards the posters and info boards as these will guide you for the execution of your safe plan.

  • High Altitude Visit

High altitude visits require some special precautions. The reason being that is that areas being at high altitude have severe weather.  So all necessary measures should be taken in this regard.

  • Know and Follow Local Laws

Your prior study of existing local laws of your travel destination would definitely boost your visit.

  • Adopt Healthy Behaviour

Always be positive and cool-minded, and never ever indulge yourself in impolite discussion.

  • Use Sunscreens and Insect Repellents

This is another important factor for your good health and safety.

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