Top Five Beautiful Tourist Attractions of Bharatpur

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Bharatpur of Rajasthan was once consideredan un-penetrable destination because of the lush wealth of flora and fauna. Today, it is the Eastern Gateway of the state attracting nature lovers from every part of the world. Although famous as the bird spotting destination of Rajasthan, there are numerous other attractions in Bharatpur. Here are the top five destinations to cover in Bharatpur during your next visit.

Top Five Beautiful Tourist Attractions of Bharatpur 3

Keoladeo National Park

It is quite popularly known as the Bharatpur National park. This bird paradise will be filled with local and migration birds during winter. This artificial wetland contains more than 366 species of birds. Apart from birds, you can also spot snakes, lizards, turtles and small mammals. Rickshaw and cycle rides through the park are quite common.

Bharatpur Government Museum

Lohagarh Fort or the government museum of Bharatpur is the right spot to enjoy a cultural vacation. You can find numerous collections of sculptures, metallic items, art works, coins, weapons and others. There is also a large gallery of art works made on leaves of peepal tree, old papers and mica in this museum.

Bharatpur Palace

This is a historic elegant structure built in a mixture of Mughal and Rajput style architecture. This is a grand spot to enjoy exploration. This grand structure of royalty is famous for flooring patterns, decorated walls, antique collections and others. The museum in the palace is famous for its collection of stone sculptures, craft items, scriptures, art works, historic items and so on.

Bankey Bihari Temple

This temple was built during the Mughal rule and is located inside the Lohagarh Fort. This clearly explains the secularism that prevailed during the ancient times. This is a calm spot for relaxing and enjoying a serene environment. This temple holds many idols of Lord Krishna. During religious times, you can find numerous pilgrims singing songs, performing rituals and so on.


This is a small town located closer to Bharatpur. This town’s main attraction is the palace complex, which attracts tourists for the Deeg festival during the month of September. Apart from the festival, the palace is famous for exploration and cultural sightseeing.

Bharatpur is a small region and thus, you cannot find numerous attractions in this region. This is the reason to why it is best to pair Bharatpur with other attractions around the state. For the best style of vacation, you can opt for the signature itinerary of Palace on Wheels luxury train.
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