UC Mini Apk – A Smart Browsing Tool

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UC Mini Apk - A Smart Browsing Tool

UC Mini Apk is a Chinese browser with 100 million monthly active users, and a multi-functional web browser for Android devices that helps you browsing Facebook content like videos, news feed aiding quick downloads and watch it offline with zero cost, along with a small size space storage. It allows you to experience a fast-paced browsing experience with a simple user interface, easy to use and compatible for all android devices so that you can search and download information or files on internet. It’s the lite version and alternative of popular Android UC browser.

Android users serves as the largest platform for the browser. It supports downloads simultaneously including download manager, pages for reading offline, as well as pause and resume feature for download is supported.

Why UC Mini Apk?

Here are the reasons of choosing to install this application on your device, facilitating easy and simplified browsing of web content like videos and other files online with zero cost involvement.

  • Like other browsing application, it doesn’t consume a lot of storage space on your device and hence, it’s small in size.
  • It blocks various forms of Ad, that affects your browsing experience and shows the Ad free content on your Android devices with its Ad block functionality.
  • The night mode feature helps you to read and operate your device conveniently.
  • This browser supports fast browsing as it’s a lite version that consumes less space on your device.
  • Privacy is protected with the help of Incognito browsing
  • It navigates the traffic in your android device and speeds up the browsing data to make it a better experience.
  • It controls videos with smart gestures.
  • It’s fully customizable as you can add shortcuts to your homepage.
  • Easily downloads Facebook videos that you can watch anytime.

UC Mini Browser vs. UC Browser

  • UC Mini browser consumes near about 9mb for installation of apk file whereas UC browser consumes 20 mb.
  • Nothing more than the major features is in UC Mini browser whereas UC browser has a lot many bloatware.
  • UC Mini browser has powerful download function, UC browser has it too, but UC Mini outperforms.

Thus, it can be said that if you have a low featured android device than, it is preferable to install UC Mini apk as it consumes less space and performs up to user’s expectations.

Awards and Recognition

  • Frost and Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013 – Market Leadership Mobile Browser
  • Best Mobile Browser Award 2012 – About.com
  • Best Mobile Browser Award 2011 – About.com

Is it worth your Smartphone?

  • Offered by – UC Web Inc.
  • Version –
  • File size – 8.51 mb
  • Released on – 25 August 2016
  • Last updated – 18 March 2019

UC Mini Apk is easily integrated to smaller smartphones with low processing powers. As cheap phones with less technology depends upon low cost devices with restricted processing capacity and storage. In India, UC web browser captures 51% of market share targeting the developing countries dominating markets by cheap smartphones that doesn’t support high technology browser.

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