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There are several numbers of musicians who have great passion and dedication towards the instrument PIANO. Piano seems like it is an easy instrument to play but when you actually try playing it, it turns out to be the most challenging task. To become a good musician one must love music. To learn how to play piano a person should have good command over his fingers and good body flexibility. A good pianist is the one who has a good knowledge of rhythm. Let’s get to know the effective tips of playing piano efficiently.

  • Choose the song wisely: if you are a beginner it is very important for you to select the song wisely. Set your benchmark low. Start from scratch and then progress your growth. Select the songs which have very few notes in the left hand. Select the song which has no chords with more than three notes. Try to practice slowly do not involve a lot of hand jumps and quick finger movements initially. We all know that we can learn more when we start observing more. Listen to the song multiple times so you can play more efficiently.
  • Schedule it up: once you decide which song you want to play, start breaking it down into small sections of 5 to 10 seconds. This needs to be done because it becomes very difficult to memorize the new and complex hand movements. If you’ll rush you wouldn’t be able to focus and you will end up messing around. Try to divide sections day wise like on Monday practice first section then on Tuesday learn the second section and try to practice both the sections together.
  • Good finger technique: for a pianist a good finger technique plays a vital role. They should have strong and flexible fingers. With an accurate technique, the sound of your music will be clear, complete and beautiful. Before you try playing with both your hands, learn the balance between both the hands. Try practicing with each hand separately. Learn and try to memorize what left hand has to do and what right hand has to do. Try to maintain the coordination between them.
  • Practice regularly: with regular practice, you’ll be able to perform systematically with a clear music generation. Devote your time rehearsing it. You need to work on your passion if you want to achieve success and success is not achieved in an overnight. So with practice, a man turns into a musician.
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