What makes the 2022 ZL1 Ultimate Chevy Camaro?

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Ultimate Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro is an iconic car that is easily recognizable due to its popularity. From movies to TV series, it can be seen everywhere. The 2022 ZL1 version is the ultimate Chevrolet Camaro that people can purchase when visiting Kimberly Chevrolet dealer.  

Its finely tuned powertrain is what makes it the ultimate Camaro that is ideal for roads as well as a muscle car that is always track-ready. Hence, before booking one, take a sneak peek into this vehicle’s powertrain and more.

Powertrain of 2022 ZL1

This beast of a muscle car is powered by a V8 6.2L engine that is always well-behaved. When this car’s engine is ignited, it leaves a thunderous sound that keeps echoing to send chills down a driving enthusiast’s spine.

It is mated with a manual 6-speed as a standard option but also people looking for an automatic option should choose the 10-speed one for ideal convenience. The V8 is a small box supercharged to the point that it will offer amazing performance that will impress any driver.

Also, many prefer the automatic transmission due to its quick-shifting results that allow faster acceleration than its manual counterpart in most cases. This car has been dubbed as the demon in drag racing strips.

Moreover, this car offers a supple ride along with a balanced chassis and satisfying handling because of its communicative and quick steering. With the ZL1 gear attached, its performance sky-rockets making it the ultimate Chevy Camaro to purchase for people.

In addition, you have to know about its adaptive dampers, which is excellent. These adaptive dampers’ stiffness changes according to the drive mode a driver is using for this vehicle. However, even driving this vehicle hard won’t hamper its firm ride quality.

Just a note: People often opt for the 1LE package as it allows this vehicle to touch the supercar territory. It consists of stickier and wider tires along with front suspension with manual adjustment available, spool-valve dampers, and more.

Such a remarkable powertrain is what makes the 2022 ZL1 the ultimate Chevy Camaro. If anyone is looking to purchase a Camaro, the ZL1 option is what he/she should get. This powertrain is a masterpiece that you can own after reaching Kimberly Chevy dealer.

Other details

This vehicle comes with a remarkably equipped cabin and ample space that allows people to sit comfortably. Also, it has techs consisting of smartphone integration, wireless charging, Bose speakers, and more.

The price of the 2022 Camaro ZL1 coupe is $65,845 and the Convertible is $71,895. You can choose either depending on your preference as apart from the styling, every other aspect of this to versions is same.

However, don’t forget to opt for the 1LE package, especially if you planning to visit the next drag strip racing.

So, take a test spin and decide whether it offers everything you expect and beyond. It is a remarkable vehicle and truly the ultimate Chevy Camaro that an individual can possess. Hence, hurry and visit a dealership near you!

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